Glass Office Partitions

Be inspired by both functionality and modern visuals with our glass partitions. The architectural design of these partitions will help promote the openness of your establishment and enhance contact between employees. This will impact company morale and employee productivity.

Design Information

Considering to create additional offices or boardrooms? Glass office partitions can be custom designed and installed to create the desired conditions for the office. Open plan work environments have been credited with improved communication between colleagues. It is important to find the correct balance between productivity and privacy.

Privacy, especially in meeting rooms, can be achieved by applying vinyl to strategic enclosures were required. Glass partitions add modern aesthetics and practical functionality all at once. Typically 10-12mm toughened safety glass will be used for the partitions.

Top floor mount hydraulic pivot hinges are used to ensure controlled movement of the door.

Doors can be locked with glass to floor locks or glass to glass locks for added security.